During Summer 2019, Studio Greta travelled to Sweden to meet with other creative practitioners, and to paint, inspired by landscapes and people that Greta met. She particularly enjoyed doing metalwork with Jessica Fleetwood at the Paracraft Camp at Not Quite Fengersfors, and hopes to return this Summer.

Current Exhibition:


tsSINNERLIGT is a commission by Scen:se, a multi-disciplinary project pioneered by the very brilliant Eva Von Hofsten, to bring accessible art and performance to Sweden. Making work for neurodiverse audiences is one of the areas of inclusivity that Sweden are actually a bit behind the UK on. Visual artist Laura Blake and I are collaborating to make an inclusive sensory exhibition, which will tour galleries in Sweden, linked in theme to a sensory theatre performance called ‘The Beach’, which will tour to the same cities. This is a clever way of allowing neurodiverse audiences to prepare themselves for the theatre visit in a less time-pressured way, while also creating an original artwork within its own right. More and more I see the value of durational arts experiences for audiences who are by nature not predictable.

Greta McMillan's painting, Staffin Beach, is so evocative of the wildness and sensory experience of that landscape, that it made made us imagine our exhibition to be like walking through Greta’s picture. Her work will be shown on a huge canvas in the gallery, with a video showing her creative process. The visitors will then walk into a series of immersive installations that create abstract sensory experiences as if you are wandering through Staffin Beach. Each installation is designed to be touched, ‘disrupted’ and interacted with. 

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Sinnerligt:                     a collaboration between visual artist Greta McMillan, sensory performance maker Ellie Griffiths and textile artist Laura 

                                      Blake. This sensory and inclusive exhibition evokes the sensations of wandering through Staffin Beach on the Isle of Skye,

                                      from dawn until dusk. This was inspired by Greta's painting 'Staffin beach', which she created using eyegaze technology

                                      while visiting Skye, which will be shown as a large canvas as part of the exhibition. The artists hope that you explore the 

                                      exhibition with your whole body,  and is part of the scen:se project

Art Walk Porty:               The Ramp House is one of 32 Art Houses in this community art event, the theme is pleasure ground,            

                                       and Greta will be exhibiting large canvases inspired by Skye landscape and weathers, and an installation

                                       1st and 2nd, 8th and 9th September 2018. 10.00 - 18.0

Art Walk Porty is an annual event in our community, which includes 32 art houses, our ramp house is one of them. This year greta will be exhibiting her digital paintings inspired by Skye landscape and weathers: printed on very large canvases. There will also be a large spatial installation of one of her paintings in vinyl applied directly to the wall

Customs Lane                  A Pop-Up exhibition at Custom Lane Gallery,  Leith, in collaboration with kestin hare, fashion designer,         

                                       supported by Bare Branding, community printing hub

                                       21st - 28th 2018

Marmelade Xylophone   Digital painting - with the Tobii eyegaze the eye can sketch a quick line through to pouring paint onto

                                        onto the virtual canvas.  Our local cafe / bar The Skylark hosted an exhibition of Greta's prints including

                                        the series 'Wee Beasties'

                                        27th November 2017 - 18 January 2018


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